Adding A Generator To Your Home

Power comes in many forms and from many different sources.  For the majority of people using power today, it comes from the electric company who supplies the power to your home and to your general area.  However, the power company isn’t the only way or company that can supply power to your home.  One way that you can have power installed in your home is through solar panels.  This is a great way to have a natural source of power.

The next way is to have a generator.  A generator is a device that when attached to your home will kick on sending power to your home if your other sources of power stop working for one reason for another.  For many, generator installation in Johnson City, TN is a great way to ensure that they will never go without power.  The bad part is, that you need to make sure that the generator always has fuel, otherwise it will not operate.

The process

The process is fairly simple.  You will first contact a company that deals with generators and have them come out to your home to do a survey of what type of generator you will need.  After you are given your options you can make a decision based on your needs and price points and then a technician will come out and install your unit.

How they work

The generator works off of a sensor.  If you lose power due to a storm or other means, the generator will sense that there is no power going to your home and then kick itself on.  This process in most cases is instantaneous and you will not really even know it has happened.

generator installation in Johnson City, TN


Once installed you will have very little maintenance done on it.  The only thing you will need to keep up on is the fuel.  Spare fuel should always be kept on site and if you use your generator for long periods of time, you may need to have it serviced to ensure that all your components are in top working order.