Is Blockchain Technology More Secure For Credential Information?

When you are thinking about how you plan to protect some of your most important data, you might not know where to turn, especially if you aren’t the most technically savvy person. However, with new innovations in a special kind of technology known as blockchain, it is becoming much easier to store and share highly important and confidential data such as credentials.

The technology known as blockchain is actually what powers the massively popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency, along with just about every other cryptocurrency project out there. There are so many more uses for blockchain tech than just sending digital money back and forth, however. You see, the blockchain is itself an immutable and decentralized ledger that can’t be changed by anybody.

blockchain for healthcare credentialing

How Does This Help For Credentials?

Your credentials are important bits of data that help you prove you are who you claim to be, whether you need to prove your identity to another human or gain access to a secure system. With such important and mission-critical information, it is important that this data cannot be changed or altered so that someone can spoof the identity of an employee or manager so they can gain access to confidential computers.

With blockchain technologies, once your credentials are stored, they cannot be altered by any party. It can’t be changed by you, by someone else in the organization, or by an outside hacker looking to find an exploit in your systems.

For businesses who deal frequently with confidential or highly important information, such as health records, patient data, and more, it is imperative that you take your cybersecurity practices as seriously as possible. This is a great reason to consider blockchain for healthcare credentialing solutions, so that you can ensure your important credentials are safely stored and can’t be spoofed by someone with malicious intent. If you want to bring a little more security into your organization, this type of technology could be the best way to go.